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Book Review | On The Run by Melinda Jefferey
Reviewing Steve & Sandra Long's NEW book "On The Run"
Breaking News: Crisis In Zinder, Niger by Duncan Smith
*** please note:  We've been advised to limit the details discussed to ensure the safety of those who are in hiding *
Everyday Celebration by Jonathan Puddle
The Christian life is not Sunday, why not celebrate Christ everyday?
Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment by Kris Vallotton
Ever wonder why bad things happen? Why is there more judgement than mercy? And What does this world desperately need?
Fulfilling God's Calling for Our Lives by Patricia Bootsma
How are you going to change history? God has given us the power and the authority to make an impact. We have the...
Spiritual Growth: A Call to Love Furiously by Gina DeVito
He's Calling Us to Love Furiously.
Intimacy and Relationship with God by Jonathan Puddle, Benjamin Jackson
In this episode, podcast hosts Benjamin Jackson & Jonathan Puddle chat about how to develop and sustain intimacy
The House of Prayer Movement by Melanie Fraser
Ever wonder what happens in a House of Prayer or what it is?
Valuing Anointing by John Arnott, Valuing Anointing by Benjamin Jackson, Valuing Anointing by Jonathan Puddle
Dec 2014
We discuss the important but sometimes difficult dynamic of valuing the anointing on people's lives.
Can I Lose My Salvation? by John Bootsma
Dec 2014
Ever wonder: “Can I lose my salvation?” Here’s what we think.
Prophetic Awakening by Patricia Bootsma
Nov 2014
A Cry for the Release of a Prophetic Awakening
Restored Identity by Matthew Bishop
Nov 2014
How The School of Ministry in Toronto, Canada is transforming lives by asking one question; "What do you see?"
Journey of a Songbird by Melanie Fraser
Nov 2014
A reason to sing: What influences your worship to the Lord?
Bishop Tony Palmer | Minister of Reconciliation by Sophie Burnham
Nov 2014
Reflecting upon the legacy of Anglican Bishop and leader of the Ark Community, Tony Palmer.
Hungry for His Glory by Rolland Baker
Nov 2014
How do we pursue the glory of God?
Harvest Gardens by Gina DeVito
Nov 2014
How Harvest Gardens is changing lives in Africa; one garden at a time.
A Day to Remember by Bryan Stephenson
Nov 2014
On Remembrance Day, we acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of those who served their country and acknowledge our...
Love Your Enemies, Seriously? by Carlos Rodriguez
Nov 2014
The Invitation to Love Your Enemies Into the Kingdom
Devotional | Our Portion by Marysa Bonnema
Nov 2014
What is the source of our strength? Devotional for November 11, 2014.