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Testimonies | Camp Freshwind by Jon Long
Camp Freshwind Testimonies  
Funding The Future by Bob Livingston
How to leave an inheritance worth more than money.
We Stink of Pride by Carlos Rodriguez
Becoming the aroma of Christ.
Book Review | Undetected by Dee Henderson by Jo Dunbar
Romance with a twist of suspense.
Devotional | In a Moment by Lisa Ninaber
The path to breakthrough. Devotional for August, 12th.
A Picnic To Remember by Sophie Burnham
Supernatural unity, fellowship and love.
Choosing Devotion by Patricia Bootsma
Preparing our hearts for the coming Revival.
A Papal Apology by Sophie Burnham
The Pope addresses the Pentecostal Church of Reconciliation.
Book Review | The Uncomfortable Church by Dr Lawrence Brice by Jo Dunbar
Can homosexuals be reconciled to the body of Christ?
Meeting with Pope Francis by John Arnott
Jul 2014
On June 24th 2014, Carol and I went with a small group of leaders to visit Pope Francis in Rome.
Book Review | The Power of Thanksgiving by Fred and Sharon Wright by Sophie Burnham
Jul 2014
Learning thankfulness, developing faith.
Mission Series | Bolivia by Jeremy and Connie Sinnott
Jun 2014
Testimonies of transformation in South America.
Testimony | God Heals Cancer by Charity DiPaola
Jun 2014
An angelic encounter sparks divine healing.
Unity In Diversity by Bruno Ierullo
Jun 2014
A meeting with the Pope.
My Comfort Blanket by Adele Richards
Jun 2014
Freedom from false comfort.