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Interview with Laura Woodley Osman by Jonathan Puddle
Jonathan sat down with Laura Woodley Osman, Canadian worship leader and pastor, to discuss her new album Four Winds,
Interview with Bruxy Cavey by Jonathan Puddle
After a long hiatus the RevivalMag podcast is back! This episode we interview Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor of The...
Testimony | A Story in Freedom by Rozzi May
No longer did Katie identify herself as ‘intense’, ‘overbearing’ or ‘over dramatic’. God has affirmed her, perfectly...
Devotional | The Surrender by Hanna Glover
Something has always struck me about this prayer Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane. I think it is the...
The Cure for Spiritual Memory Loss by Jaden Dobsin
I have a confession to make; I'm not the strongest man, I’m not the most spiritual, and I don’t pray the most.
The One Lie Millions of Christians are Believing about the Holy Spirit by Larry Sparks
When the devil wants to hijack the advancement of God’s people, he introduces subtle, yet destructive deceptions....
Devotional | I'm Imperfect, and So Are You. by Alice Clarke
The Father sent his only son for us, fully knowing who we are. Not a race of perfectoids. He decided, and still...
Missing the Holiness of God by Sarah Burnham
In our generation we've found the compassionate love of the Father, yet we stand in danger of missing His Holiness....
Devotional | Beauty and Ugliness. by Alice Clarke
"So few things blaze. So little is beautiful. Our world doesn’t seem equipped to contain its brilliance too long....
Devotional | If You're Happy & You Choose It. by Alice Clarke
Jun 2016
And I that even when I’m in the middle of the worst experience of my life, I can invite God into my emotions, choose to...
Defining Community by Jonathan Puddle, Defining Community by Benjamin Jackson
May 2016
Our good friend Jaye Thomas joined us to talk about community, that favourite of buzzwords, and try to come up with a
Identity Testimony | The Lifter of Our Heads by Erick Palmer
May 2016
Hi my name is Erick, I am 20 years old and I’m from Mexico.
Be Still and Know | Devotional by Hanna Glover
May 2016
On Thursday, March 24th I walked into the urgent care clinic in Toronto to get a cast put
Lessons in Experiencing the Father by Ramesh Naraine
May 2016
Learning to recognize and appreciate God’s unique expression of love for us.
Healing Testimony from Azusa Now by Jaden Dobsin
Apr 2016
About a year ago, I started praying for revival.
Devotional | Desperate Faith by Marysa Bonnema
Apr 2016
Learning dependency on Jesus as our one source of life. Devotional for September, 2nd.
Devotional | Always Triumph by Lisa Ninaber
Apr 2016
Living a life of victory. Devotional for August, 26th.
And God Said by Nicole Briand
Nov 2015
All through the creation of the world as we know it in Genesis, God spoke.
Walking with a Limp by Mike Pilavachi, Walking with a Limp by Benjamin Jackson, Walking with a Limp by Jonathan Puddle
Nov 2015
After a long hiatus from podcasting, we sat down with Mike Pilavachi, founder of Soul Survivor in the UK.
Unity of Faith by Dallas Thomas
Oct 2015
“As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that the world may believe that