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The Gift of Remembrance by Alice Clarke
The transforming power of Communion.
Book Review | Fully Alive by Dr Larry Crabb by Jo Dunbar
A biblical vision of gender that frees men and women to live beyond stereotypes.
Devotional | Crazy Courage by Marysa Bonnema
A call to leave the comfort zone. Devotional for April 15th, 2014
The Mystery of the Middle Road by Sarah Burnham
What does it mean to be a believer?
Movie Review | Noah by Keith Hornbuckle
The story of Noah remade for a secular audience.
A Baptism of Fire by Patricia Bootsma
A prophetic word for 2014
Can it Be That Easy? by Rich and Anita Manganaro
How do we break free of destructive cycles of behavior?
Intoxication by Dan Robins
Being "drunk" on God's extravagant love for you.
The Generosity of Freedom by Stephen Cummings
Feb 2014
What is the mark of true freedom, and how we can live it out?
Know Who You Are by Anthony Palmer
Feb 2014
Finding your identity in Christ.
What You Looking At? by Adele Richards
Feb 2014
Why giving God our focused attention is vital
Movie Review | Saving Mr. Banks by Naomi Parnell
Jan 2014
The story behind the story of ‘Mary Poppins’.
Who Are You Following? by Sarah Burnham
Jan 2014
Discipleship made simple.
Worship Leaders | A Stadium of One by Jaye Thomas
Jan 2014
What does God seek in a worshiper?