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Review | Amazing Grace by Jonathan Puddle
Two weeks ago I took my wife to New York City for our 10-year anniversary. It was the first time either of us had...
Revival in Switzerland by Tom Sommer
A number of revival events were organized in Switzerland between September and December last year.
Interview with Frank Viola by Frank Viola, Jonathan Puddle
Frank Viola is one of my favourite authors.
10 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Technology Use over the Summer by Dr. Gregg Jantz
It is summer vacation and your kids have a lot of free time at home.
This Simple Prayer Can Help You Experience More of the Holy Spirit by Larry Sparks
There is a principle in the book of Zechariah that applies to the present outpouring of the Holy Spirit: "Ask for rai
Jesus Luvs Ravers by Goshen Sai
When someone mentions the “mission field,” what do you immediately think of? Some unreached jungle in Africa?
Creator, Composer, Conductor by Carroll Macintosh
This is an analogy of God being the Master Creator, Composer and Conductor.
Revival in the South Pacific by Jonathan Puddle
Did you know God is passionate about t
Why Isn't Everybody Healed? by Benjamin Jackson, Jonathan Puddle, John Arnott
It's pretty obvious that not everyone we pray for gets healed. So why is that?
Devotional | You Are What You Eat by Alice Clarke
Jun 2015
Pursuing wisdom through Proverbs
Interview with David Sliker by David Sliker, Interview with David Sliker by Jonathan Puddle
Jun 2015
If Jesus' hand was on the door handle right now, would you be ready for him to turn it and come back?
Testimony | God Heals Emotional Pain by Tammy Fernando
Jun 2015
A testimony on how God heals even the deepest of hurts. He is a God to be trusted!
Saying What Needs To Be Said With Honour by Rob MacIntosh
Jun 2015
Jesus said that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.
Love by Jonathan Puddle, Love by Benjamin Jackson, Love by Chris DuPré
Jun 2015
We love cheeseburgers, and we love kale, and we love baseball, and we love our children, and we love Jesus...
Devotional | The Humble King by Marysa Bonnema
Jun 2015
Our Beloved, invites our heart to remain in rest
100$ bills, Diamond Rings, and Completely Free Weddings by Sarah Burnham
May 2015
This is life at the mercy of Jesus.
Global Outreach Day | Impacting the World Together by Denys Blackmore
May 2015
Cooperation between churches and denominations in evangelism produces astounding results all over the world, impactin
Catching up with John & Carol Arnott by Jon Long
May 2015
Jon Long caught up with the Arnott's for an update on their travels.
Beach Stories by Bob Ekblad
May 2015
Today's Gospel reading from John 21:1-14, shows the resurrected Jesus on the beach with his disciples.
Interview with Kayle Mumby by Kayle Mumby, Interview with Kayle Mumby by Benjamin Jackson
May 2015
Is it possible to live on $300 a month?