The Cure for Spiritual Memory Loss

I have a confession to make; I'm not the strongest man, I’m not the most spiritual, and I don’t pray the most. Even though these are things I am working towards and desire, I am not perfect in any way. I often will have amazing experiences and encounters with God and then forget them days, sometimes minutes, later. Unfortunately I often suffer from what I like to call, "Short-term Spiritual Memory Loss."
Am I the only one?   
More than likely you have suffered from this as well. This tends to happen when we allow the sin of the world and the traps of the enemy to get close to us, it often results in forgetting who we are and what God has done for us. It happens ALL THE TIME. The devil has been around for thousands of years and he has become quite skilled in deceiving us to make us believe we’re weak, powerless, and sometimes he even makes us believe that God really hasn’t done that much for us in the past. Unseemingly, he convinces us that our amazing "God-moments" didn't really happen. And just like that, gone. However, I believe that there’s a cure for this memory loss. It may be pill form, but it’s not a one time pill. The bottle says; “Take multiple times a day, as much as possible, as many pills as you can swallow, every day for the rest of your life. Consult your physician, Jesus Christ, if you have any questions or problems”. There are actually a lot of cures (prayer, holiness, etc.), but the I want to emphasize is remembrance.
Deliberately remembering the faithfulness of God in the past and the intimate times you’ve had together will often propel you towards your next breakthrough or intimate moment. It is simple but it is amazing how often we forget to remember to thank God for all that he has done.
For example, in Joshua 4, after crossing the Jordan river, Joshua takes 12 large stones and sets them up as a memorial, so that future generations would not forget how far the Lord took them. The stones were to remind Israel of how God stopped the river from flowing so they could cross, how God defeated all their enemies, and how He delivered them out of the hands of the Egyptians. Joshua wanted to make sure that when future generations were forgetting the goodness of their faithful God they would have a physical reminder of how God brought them into safety and was on their side. Sometimes we need a reminder like this too, that we are not alone, that if God was with us then he is most definetely with us now
This is my prayer for us all, that we would remember what God has done for us in the past in order to keep us from stumbling and falling away in the present and future. There are too many times I find myself getting spiritually lukewarm, not allowing Jesus into the deep places of my heart. In those places is where we usually find sin, insecurity, or fear. But that’s exactly why we need to remember those times we’ve opened up to God in the past. Remember that, although we were scared or worried, our Father is not a tyrant or an evil slave master. He’s a good Father. Remember when you opened up and He came as an arrow of love. Although it pierced you, the pain was not bad. The pain was actually one of the most amazing feelings ever, as He cleanses you of your sin and pain. In fact, it was not pain at all, it was just love. It was perfect love casting out our fear. 
Today, I choose to remember. I choose to be taken back to my first love, when I was head over heels so in love with Jesus that He consumed every part of me. I choose be taken back to when I didn’t care at all what people thought about me because there’s really only one opinion that actually matters. In my choosing, I also choose to not be satisfied with the past.
When we begin to reminisce on our past times with God without letting it cultivate a deep yearning for even more, it becomes religion. Religion is satisfied with past moves of God without desiring a present and future move of God. Desiring God in the present is extremely important. As well as remembering that God's goodness is avilable to us in the present.
However, if we keep asking for more in the “future”, it may never come. God wants to give us more of Him, whatever that may look like, right now, so we must align ourselves with His will and contend for more today. Not only so, we must set our hearts on him remembering his faithfulness to us in this very moment. I promise you this, there is always more.
For all eternity, we’ll be singing Holy as God continues to reveal more of Him, and there will always be more to a God that has no limit, a God that is eternally faithful and loving.
Don't forget that.