Devotional | Set Me as a Seal

"Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm." (Song of Solomon 8:6a NKJV)

How can I be sealed on the heart and arm of God?

To be sealed, or branded on something means a lasting marking, a covenant of commitment.  In pondering this scripture many times over many years I have concluded that I long to be sealed upon the heart of the Lord in intimacy and I long to be sealed on his arm in his acting on my behalf.  The Lord has a special place in his heart that is reserved only for us.  Only I can fulfill that place in his heart that is reserved for me.  I didn't always know that; the search for a Father's love has been intense at times in my life.  The longing to know that I am deeply loved by a passionate Bridegroom has come on the heels of getting to know who I am as the Bride.  Being set as a seal on his arm is a deep comfort, as I know this God of the Universe actually moves at the sound of my voice.  I am heard in the prayers I pray.  What a relief!  We do not go about life alone or powerless.

Let's make it a great priority to walk in the fullness of being sealed in the heart of God through intimacy and sealed on his arm from fruitfulness in prayer.

This archived article was written by Patricia Bootsma for release in Nov, 2012. Circumstances and situations may have changed regarding the author, locations and ministries. This content may therefore be outdated or misinformed.