Barry Adams

Barry came into a life-changing revelation of the Father heart of God in 1998 through the ministry of Jack Winter and James Jordan that completely changed his life. In response to this new experience of the Father's love, he created a sermon illustration in 1999 called Father's Love Letter. The letter had such an influence on the congregation that he spoke to, that the decision was made to upload it to the internet. It has been seen around the world in written and video format and is now available in 90+ languages.

Barry & his wife Anneliese founded Father Heart Communications in 2000. Barry has a passion for media and using the internet as a mission field. Through Father Heart communications, Barry and Anneliese have created, inspirational videos, webcasts and blogs including the Son's life blog; 365 Promises, paraphrased Bible promises for everyday life; U-R-LOVED videos and many other projects.