Joshua Mills

An anointed Minister of the Gospel, Recording Artist, Keynote Conference Speaker and Author, Joshua Mills worships and preaches by standing within the cloud and ministering directly from the glory unto the people.  He has written well over 600 songs and is known for his ability to lead people into spontaneous worship. During his services signs and wonders are commonplace with manifestations of supernatural oil and gold dust, creative healings, supernatural weight-loss, financial miracles, Angelic visitation and heavenly encounters. 

Although Joshua Mills was raised in the church (as a fifth generation Pentecostal), and committed his life to the Lord and was baptized in the Holy Spirit at a young age. It wasn’t until his junior year in high school that Joshua had a very unusual visitation from the Lord during a revival service at a church in his hometown of London, Ontario, Canada. He recalls, “I felt the hand of God on my life and knew that I could never be the same again”. Through that experience he found himself having a deeper hunger for the supernatural things of God’s Spirit. Joshua began to grow in the Word, spending hours in prayer and worship. It was through this experience that he supernaturally learned how to play the piano and felt a call to the ministry as a worshiper, first and foremost. Praise and worship has become his signature mark as he ministers in conferences, concerts and churches all over the world.