Ramesh Naraine

 Ramesh and his wife Elsie are currently the Senior Leaders of Catch The Fire Scarborough. They have been a part of Catch The Fire since the mid-nineties when their lives and ministries were transformed by the love of the Father and the power of the Spirit. In addition to leading a local CTF church, they travel extensively ministering on the Father’s love, Sonship, the power of the Cross, the Importance of Forgiveness and the call to Intimacy with Holy Spirit. Ramesh and Elsie teach and minister transparently, humorously and prophetically using both the Scriptures and their personal stories to communicate the goodness of Jesus! Their deepest longing in ministry is to see people experience the unfettered love of the Father for us, and then discover how to live in that grace-filled reality, so that we fulfill the exceptional destiny that He has for each one of us.