Review | Amazing Grace by Jonathan Puddle
Two weeks ago I took my wife to New York City for our 10-year anniversary. It was the first time either of us had...
Review | Christ In You by Luke Richards
Christ In You by Eric B. JohnsonChosen Books / April 2015
Review | Coheir: How to Claim Your Inheritance by Jo Dunbar
Seeing God’s Kingdom on earth is a possibility for EVERY believer who truly knows their identity and who 
Review | McFarland, USA by Jonathan Puddle
Feb 2015
RevivalMag was invited to a pre-screening of Disney's McFarland, USA, but we've been a bit remiss in getting our review...
Book Review | On The Run by Melinda Jefferey
Jan 2015
I have read numerous leadership books in my adult life and a large number of these books deal with the same, repeated...
Book Review | Undetected by Dee Henderson by Jo Dunbar
Aug 2014
Bethany House | 2014Dee Henderson is currently one of the most popular writers of Christian Fiction, so I assumed from...
Book Review | The Uncomfortable Church by Dr Lawrence Brice by Jo Dunbar
Aug 2014
Deep River Books | 2013The Uncomfortable Church is a great name for a book that deals with the issue of homosexuality...
Book Review | The Power of Thanksgiving by Fred and Sharon Wright by Sophie Burnham
Jul 2014
Catch The Fire Books | 2013I have a confession to make. Thanksgiving does not come naturally to me. It simply isn’t my...
Book Review | Pilgrimage by Lynn Austin by Jo Dunbar
Jun 2014
Bethany House | October 2013It is difficult to categorise this book by Lynn Austin who is usually better known for her...
Book Review | Consumed By Love by Duncan Smith by Jennifer Bunker
Jun 2014
Catch The Fire Books | January 2014'Consumed By Love’ takes the reader on a journey, that Duncan Smith has woven into a...
Movie Review | Saving Mr. Banks by Naomi Parnell
Jan 2014
The story behind the story of ‘Mary Poppins’. Walt Disney Pictures | December 2013Genre: DramaRating: PG 13With a cast...