20 Years of Transforming Lives - What's Your Story?

We are so blessed by all that the Father has done since 1994 and in this, our twentieth year of revival, we want to take time to focus on the millions of lives that have been transformed.

We want to invite you to join us by sharing your story of encounter and transformation.  Our goal is to create a timeline of testimonies that will be a marker of what God has done, and a builder of faith for what he is going to do.  Please join us by adding your voice to this testament of God's goodness that will encourage and inspire people all over the world.

Basic Information
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Your Story
Please answer the questions below as briefly as possible. Often when we can get right to the point of what God has done in us it makes the testimony more impactful. Please help us by stripping away unnecessary details.
Please do your best to guess an approximate date for this encounter. This will enable us to include your story in our revival timeline.
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Your testimony may be included in our online magazine, testimony database, emails or other publicly accessible media. Your words may be edited or condensed but always keeping true to the original essence.
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