The Revival Magazine Podcast

A Charismatic Christian talk-show with regular hosts Benjamin Jackson and Jonathan Puddle who are joined by various guests. The show discusses various hot-topics, cultural shifts and lifestyle challenges for Christians in today's society, giving fresh perspective and thought-provoking questions.

Why Go To Church? by Jonathan Puddle, Benjamin Jackson, Cathy Harris
Why should we go to church? Especially if we've heard why before and weren't satisfied with the answer.
Worship/Art by Benjamin Jackson, Jonathan Puddle, Jonathan Clarke
We asked Jonathan Clarke, Worship Pastor at Catch The Fire Toronto, how to reconcile joy and suffering in the Psalms with modern congregational worship.
Intimacy and Relationship with God by Jonathan Puddle, Benjamin Jackson

In this episode, podcast hosts Benjamin Jackson & Jonathan Puddle chat about how to develop and sustain intimacy

Valuing Anointing by John Arnott, Benjamin Jackson, Jonathan Puddle
We discuss the important but sometimes difficult dynamic of valuing the anointing on people's lives.