Leadership | Open Doors by Naomi Ierullo
"How did I get here?" It's one of the big questions of life.
Karen's Testimony | Angels and Clowns by
Divine protection, inner and physical healing draws Karen's heart to freedom. I'd like to thank God for bein
Growing Up In Revival | Pastor's Kid Edition by Jon Long
I’d like to start this article off with a question.
I Am the Love He Died for by Heather Jackson
May 2009
January 1994 came at perfect timing. God is never too late.My husband and I had been pastoring a church an hour north...
Live, Love, Laugh! by Peter Jackson
May 2009
John Arnott called me that first infamous weekend in January 1994, urging me to come down to Toronto for the pastor’s...
It's a New Day by John Arnott
May 2009
It is with mixed emotions that I write the last article for our Spread the Fire Magazine, paper edition.For fifteen...
Spiritual Awakening and the Kingdom of God by Jack Taylor
Jan 2009
I do not ever remember seeing the terms “Spiritual awakening” and the “Kingdom of God” mentioned together and I am not...
Outside The Box by Ralph Kucera
Jan 2009
It’s hard to believe that fifteen years have passed since a small group of friends and I first visited TACF.Back then...
The Pathway to Renewal by Colin Dye
May 2007
Way back in 1994, rumors of revival taking place in a small church in Toronto, Canada began to circulate in the UK.I...
How Much Anointing is Right for You? by Fernand Landry
Jan 2006
Have you ever asked yourself why some Christians seem to operate on a much higher level of anointing than others? Or do...
When the Fire Came by Che Ahn
Nov 2005
In 1993, I found myself sinking quickly into a deep depression. I had rarely ever been depressed before, but this time...