The Next Wave: Millions of Canadians by Peter Kumar
I have been praying much for you and the ministry of Catch the fire across the globe.
Back To Life | Worth Fighting For by Ashley Beaudin
Feeling God's heart for a lost generation.
Back To Life | The Power of a Story by Veronique Golloher
Veronique shares her experience of how completing the 200 km Back To Life prayer walk not only changed her life, but...
Fighting For Freedom | Interview with Rev. Majed El Shafie by Alice Clarke
Apr 2013
What motivates somebody to risk his life fighting for the freedom of others?I first encountered the work of One Free...
A New Breed Of Nation Changers by Ashley Beaudin
Feb 2013
This is MY Canada, a new breed of nation changers.I will never forget the first time I met someone from 4MYCanada....
A Great and Surprising Missions Opportunity by Gerry Plunkett
Oct 2012
An amazing chance to reach out to a people in need of the love of God.I would like to invite you to come along on a...
Crying Out to God for Toronto by Alicia DesMarteau
Aug 2012
Thousands Pray at Massey HallA long line of enthusiastic Christians encircled Massey Hall on July 28. The cheerful...
Hearing TheCRY at Massey Hall by Alicia DesMarteau
Jul 2012
Prayer movement lands at Toronto's historic concert hall with hidden revival heritage.Something remarkable happens when...
March for Life - Ending Abortion in Canada by Jonathan Puddle
May 2012
Last night I dreamed that I was at an abortion clinic, standing with my back to the registration desk, with my arms...
National House of Prayer, Canada by Alice Clarke
Mar 2012
It’s one thing to pray in front of others, but what about cultivating a hidden life of prayer? When considering this...
Interview with Sara Maynard by Sara Maynard
Feb 2012
Sara Maynard is a key intercessor and leader in the House of Prayer movement in Canada. She set up the first House of...