Father Heart

Lessons in Experiencing the Father by Ramesh Naraine
Learning to recognize and appreciate God’s unique expression of love for us.
Revival in Switzerland by Tom Sommer
A number of revival events were organized in Switzerland between September and December last year.
Devotional | Accepted In Christ by Marysa Bonnema
We don't need to strive to have intimacy. Devotional for 3rd December, 2013.
Photo Stories | On Daddy's Shoulders by Thomas Price
Jul 2013
Something which seems so small can be extremely powerful.I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was my first ever mission...
Advance 11 | Healing the Cluttered Heart by Marysa Bonnema
Jun 2013
Throughout our lives, one may have come into agreement with lies that once were perceived as truth. Our hearts are the...
Freedom Behind Bars by Lucas Shiflet
May 2013
Prisoners freed by the Father's love.My name is Lucas Shiflet, I am the Young Adult Pastor for Catch The Fire Houston,...
Testimony | Healed from Depression by Naomi Parnell
Apr 2013
The Father's Love Revealed Sets Julia Free from Depression  By Julia PomeroyAs I lay on the carpet in the sanctuary,...
Heart 2 | Father Heart by Marysa Bonnema
Apr 2013
Father Heart week is commonly known as a time of  tears given that you are awakened to a deeper revelation of His heart...
Encountering God in the Lunch Line-Up by Michael Rogers
Dec 2012
Michael was desperate for more of God, who met him just when he wasn't expecting!July 2000 is a time I will never...
The Myth of the Orphan Heart by Timo Hack
Dec 2012
Can Christians really have an orphan heart?As a Christian, the Bible calls me a son. An orphan no more!Granted, I see...
Review | Father of Lights by Kevin Friesen
Dec 2012
The final piece in Darren Wilson's movie trilogy on the power, love and heart of God.Father of Lights | Wanderlust...