God's presence

This Simple Prayer Can Help You Experience More of the Holy Spirit by Larry Sparks
There is a principle in the book of Zechariah that applies to the present outpouring of the Holy Spirit: "Ask for rai
Devotional | The Power of His Word by Lisa Ninaber
Sitting at Jesus' feet. Devotional for June, 24th.
My Comfort Blanket by Adele Richards
Freedom from false comfort.
A Room With a View by Adele Richards
May 2014
Why it’s important to see in the Spirit.So here’s my question: what do you see when you look out of your window...
What You Looking At? by Adele Richards
Feb 2014
Why giving God our focused attention is vital.“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our...
Turn Off Your Spiritual AC by Jo Dunbar
Aug 2013
Do we turn on our spiritual air conditioning when things get hot? I love the sun. Not just in an “I enjoy summer” way,...
Anti-Burnout Medicine for the Heart by Isaac Myers
Jun 2013
Keys to staying passionate and preventing burnout.We’ve all been there: the fantastic conference, the jaw-dropping...
Drunk Again by Adele Richards
Jan 2013
How to receive the Holy Spirit I’ve always wanted to be a heavy drinker. Of the Holy Spirit. To have His presence in me...
Review | For the Sake of the World by Bethel Live by Naomi Parnell
Jan 2013
For the Sake of the World by Bethel LiveIntegrity Music | 2012This month at Revival Magazine, we’re listening to the...
Steve Long's September Update 2012 by Steve Long
Sep 2012
Steve Long shares a key message for this current season.In this short video update, Steve Long, Senior pastor of Catch...
The Message of the Hour by John Arnott
Sep 2012
In the last 12 months, John Arnott has been deeply impacted by ministering to persecuted Christians.It has been an...