The Gift of Remembrance by Alice Clarke
The transforming power of Communion.
Advance 8 | A Great Cloud of Witnesses by Marysa Bonnema
How can you be made ready and prepared for what has yet to come?
History In The Making by Alicia DesMarteau
Catch The Fire Toronto Midtown Finds New Location in Historic Church.
Hearing TheCRY at Massey Hall by Alicia DesMarteau
Jul 2012
Prayer movement lands at Toronto's historic concert hall with hidden revival heritage.Something remarkable happens when...
Spiritual Awakening and the Kingdom of God by Jack Taylor
Jan 2009
I do not ever remember seeing the terms “Spiritual awakening” and the “Kingdom of God” mentioned together and I am not...
Revival in The Bible by John Arnott
Jul 2004
A revival is a supernatural work of God resulting in an awakened interest in obediently following and obeying the Lord...
Interceding for Your City by Steve Witt
Jun 2004
"Why would you want to live in Cleveland?"I have heard these words over and over again through the years. The sneering...