Devotional | Desperate Faith by Marysa Bonnema
Learning dependency on Jesus as our one source of life. Devotional for September, 2nd.
Devotional | Does God really allow us to suffer? by Gina DeVito
"Your righteousness, O God, reaches to the highest heavens. You have done such wonderful things.
Devotional | I'm Disappointed by Gina DeVito
Not at this very moment, but I have been. And I know that if you’re reading this, you have too.
I Put My Hope In All The Wrong Places by Adele Richards
Mar 2015
I’m sorry now, that I put my hope in all the wrong places. I didn’t realise hope - that butterfly with gold-dusted...
Can I Lose My Salvation? by John Bootsma
Dec 2014
Ever wonder: “Can I lose my salvation?” Here’s what we think.God did not create us for hell, or hell for us. It is...
Bishop Tony Palmer | Minister of Reconciliation by Sophie Burnham
Nov 2014
Reflecting upon the legacy of Anglican Bishop and leader of the Ark Community, Tony Palmer.On July 20th, Christians...
Devotional | In a Moment by Lisa Ninaber
Aug 2014
Genesis 37 - 41 NIVWhen I look at the life of Joseph, I am reminded that things can change in a moment.  In just one...
Book Review | Pilgrimage by Lynn Austin by Jo Dunbar
Jun 2014
Bethany House | October 2013It is difficult to categorise this book by Lynn Austin who is usually better known for her...
A Tale of Two Sauls by Alyn Jones
Jun 2014
How to find your destiny and follow it. I want to tell you a story. And like all good stories, this one involves some...
The Test of Trust by Anna Podoprigora
May 2014
What does it mean to trust in God? I'd like to share something with you that God has been challenging me about:...
Crying in a Portuguese Bathtub by Dan Myers
Apr 2014
Life after School of Ministry. I graduated from the School of Ministry (SoM) in Toronto, in February 2013. Since then,...