inner healing

Identity Testimony | The Lifter of Our Heads by Erick Palmer
Hi my name is Erick, I am 20 years old and I’m from Mexico.
Lessons in Experiencing the Father by Ramesh Naraine
Learning to recognize and appreciate God’s unique expression of love for us.
Testimony | God Heals Emotional Pain by Tammy Fernando
A testimony on how God heals even the deepest of hurts. He is a God to be trusted!
Review | Prisoner Inside my Heart by Juanita Lubin by Jo Dunbar
Oct 2013
Prisoner Inside my Heart by Juanita Lubin A Personal Guide to FreedomCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform |...
Advance 11 | Healing the Cluttered Heart by Marysa Bonnema
Jun 2013
Throughout our lives, one may have come into agreement with lies that once were perceived as truth. Our hearts are the...
The Need For Intimacy by Jack Frost
May 2013
Would you describe your Christian life this way? “Just let me get saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, be healed, be...
My Struggle with Worth and His Answer by Ashley Beaudin
Nov 2012
Worth.One word that began a wrestle in me over a decade ago.What am I worth? What is my heart worth? What is my body...
SoM Testimony | Mimi by Mimi Mutschler
Oct 2012
School of Ministry graduate Mimi impacts people back home in Germany with the love and power of God.I left the School...
The Fire Burns in India by Manisha Batra
Oct 2012
Natasha and Manisha came to Toronto from India tired and burnt out...then their lives were completely changed by God!...
School of Ministry March - July 2012 Testimonies by Alice Clarke
Aug 2012
Incredible transformation stories from this semester's School of Ministry students.This March a group of young adults...
Part 2 | School of Ministry March - July 2012 Testimonies by Alice Clarke
Aug 2012
More amazing true stories of the Father's love changing people's lives.This March a group of young adults from all over...