Ten Minute Worship – My first week by Adele Richards
I’ve finally done it. I’ve got myself a Gymboss timer; it’s hot pink and it’s not to time repetitions at the gym.
Daily Devotionals by Adele Richards
These days, lengthy Quiet Times are a bit of a rarity.
What Do You Tell Your Children About Father Christmas? by Adele Richards
Ho! Ho! Ho! Tis the Season to DeceiveWhen I was a little girl I was a firm and faithful believer.
Growing Up In Revival | Pastor's Kid Edition by Jon Long
Dec 2011
I’d like to start this article off with a question.  If God is everywhere, and knows everything and can do all things...
Is the Old Testament Rated PG or R? by Adele Richards
Nov 2011
How do you read the Bible with your children?The Old Testament; it may be old but the special effects were way ahead of...
What Do You Pray for Your Children? by Adele Richards
Nov 2011
Imagine you are the Magical Fairy Godmother from the stories who, POOF! appears in the room in a natty pink tutu with...
Leading Your Children into the River by Mark Harper
Jul 2000
The Christian bookstores are full of books on child training and discipline, but very few books have been written on...