Next Wave

The Next Wave: Working The Ground by Nick Pengelly
Before the Anniversary Week I felt the Holy Spirit was showing me a perspective that may be helpful.
The Next Wave: A New Move Has Begun by Chuck D Pierce
What an honor to be a part of the more of the spirit that energized and renewed us over the last 20 years.
The Next Wave: Years Ending with 4 by Sathiya Sam
The Lord has been speaking me about the number four lately, specifically hitting
The Next Wave: Fire to Wet Wood by Samantha Thomas
Jan 2014
I had a vision of the people who were attending the Revival Alliance Conference at Catch The Fire. The people turned...
The Next Wave: Standing For Israel by Heather Johnston
Jan 2014
Prime Minister Steve Harper has made the most emboldened stand for Israel before the Knesset and with PM Netanyahu the...
The Next Wave: Association & Relationships by Kris Vallotton
Jan 2014
The word I have for you/us is:1) Acceleration through association2) it's a season to renew former covenants.There is a...
The Next Wave: Not Just an Anniversary by Cindy Jacobs
Jan 2014
For The Lord would say, this is not just an anniversary, it is a sign and a wonder-a sign for what God is getting ready...
The Next Wave: Heralding a New Era by Barbara Yoder
Jan 2014
I am excited, anticipating largely about this next week. I believe that we have entered a new era, greater than a...
The Next Wave: Millions of Canadians by Peter Kumar
Jan 2014
I have been praying much for you and the ministry of Catch the fire across the globe.  I am praying that God would...
The Next Wave: Kicking in an Incredible Era by Bruno Ierullo
Jan 2014
Two scriptures that I received:The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said...
The Next Wave: 3 Words for 3 Groups by Marc Dupont
Jan 2014
I am 'carrying' 3 words right now for a few various groups;1) For the church at large, this year is a time to seek God...