Search for the Super-Pastor by Adele Richards
What do you expect from your Christian leaders?
New Pastoral Staff in Toronto by Steve Long
Special Announcement from Catch The F
How Revival Changed Me by Carol Arnott
“But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak
How the River Changed our Church by Mike Guarnieri
Feb 2008
A pastor hungry for more gets transformed in God's presence - which in turn transforms his church!It was October 2000...
The High Calling of Christian Motherhood by Sarah Colligan
May 2007
Embracing the now and discovering what God desires to show us within every opportunity. The ratio of dust bunnies and...
When Christian Leaders Fall by John Arnott
Apr 2007
Is your heart weeping with mine over leaders who have fallen?Recently, someone we trusted, respected and admired turned...
Underground Pastor Gets his Fire Back by Cleetus Adrian
Feb 2006
I gave my life to Jesus in 1995 when I was 20 years old. I had grown up in church all my life. My father was a...
Jesus' Strategy for Changing the World by John Arnott
Feb 2006
Pastor, does your definition of success in ministry include building a big church in a big city?By North American...
How Much Anointing is Right for You? by Fernand Landry
Jan 2006
Have you ever asked yourself why some Christians seem to operate on a much higher level of anointing than others? Or do...
Answering the Call by Jim & Tondi Curtis
Jan 2006
I am a very left-brained pastor married to my beautiful wife, Tondi, who is prophetic and usually has all the dreams...
Why I Soak by Carol Arnott
Nov 2005
I have always been a worshipper and liked to pray, but I have not always been a listener.It took this move of the...