We Have a Voice by Rob Parker
At the beginning of this year, 2015, I felt led to produce a booklet that would function as a summary of subjects to
Back To Life | The Power of a Story by Veronique Golloher
Veronique shares her experience of how completing the 200 km Back To Life prayer walk not only changed her life, but...
Review | Just Politics by Ronald J.Sider by Emmanuel Octubre
A Guide for Christian Engagement
A New Breed Of Nation Changers by Ashley Beaudin
Feb 2013
This is MY Canada, a new breed of nation changers.I will never forget the first time I met someone from 4MYCanada....
National House of Prayer, Canada by Alice Clarke
Mar 2012
It’s one thing to pray in front of others, but what about cultivating a hidden life of prayer? When considering this...
Interview with Canon Andrew White by Canon Andrew White
Feb 2012
Canon Andrew White is commonly known as 'The Vicar of Baghdad'. He is the pastor of the only Anglican church in Iraq:...