Devotional | Desperate Faith by Marysa Bonnema
Learning dependency on Jesus as our one source of life. Devotional for September, 2nd.
How to UnDiscipline your Kids by Jonathan Puddle
Five years ago my wife and I stopped spanking our kids.
Bishop Tony Palmer | Minister of Reconciliation by Sophie Burnham
Reflecting upon the legacy of Anglican Bishop and leader of the Ark Community, Tony Palmer.
A Papal Apology by Sophie Burnham
Aug 2014
The Pope addresses the Pentecostal Church of Reconciliation.Reconciliation between Protestant and Catholic Christians...
How to Survive Christmas | A Six Step Guide by Adele Richards
Dec 2013
Six simple steps on how to keep your heart alive this Christmas. “See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God...
Over-Invited by Alice Clarke
Jul 2013
Our words are powerful. So how can we handle them? I Like PartiesI like parties, but I am not very good at inviting...
Review | The Marriage of Your Dreams by Rick Johnson by Patricia Bootsma
May 2013
The Marriage of Your Dreams by Rick Johnson A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Her Man October 2012 | Revel Rick Johnson...
The Need For Intimacy by Jack Frost
May 2013
Would you describe your Christian life this way? “Just let me get saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, be healed, be...
I am Fascinated by Bridges by Rick D'Orazio
Mar 2013
How can we bridge the gap between Jesus and our community?“For there is one God and one mediator between God and...
Devotional | Fighting together by Ramesh Naraine
Jan 2013
"But I think it is necessary to send back to you Epaphroditus, my brother, co-worker and fellow soldier, who is also...
Conference Addict by Jon Long
Jul 2012
“My name is John Smith, and I’m a Conference Addict.”The conference addict.  What do I mean by that, you ask? Let me...