The Right to be Right by Sophie Burnham
Breaking free of judgments.
Can it Be That Easy? by Rich and Anita Manganaro
How do we break free of destructive cycles of behavior?
Devotional | A Tale of Two Thieves by Naomi Parnell
Responding to Jesus. Devotional for November 19th, 2013.
Testimony | Joy In Surrender by Marysa Bonnema
Jul 2013
Tiffany discovers the joy in surrender and a new freedom in His presence. by Tiffany KralkaMy experience at Freshwind...
Don't Read your Junk Mail by Adele Richards
Dec 2012
Why encouragement is vital “You are a wonderful artist!”My young daughters play an arty game on the computer. It’s very...
Steve Long's September Update 2012 by Steve Long
Sep 2012
Steve Long shares a key message for this current season.In this short video update, Steve Long, Senior pastor of Catch...
How to Get Put Back Together Again by Adele Richards
Jul 2012
A fictional journey through a prayer ministry session.Next week, I have a Restoring The Foundations (RTF) prayer...
Interview with Paul Manwaring by Paul Manwaring
Jan 2012
Paul Manwaring recently visited Toronto and while he was here we took the opportunity to talk to him. In this interview...
New Year's Resolutions by Alice Clarke
Jan 2012
There are lovers and haters of New Years Eve. By the time I hit mid-teens I was definitely a hater.Gone were the days...
Coming Home to the Cross by Cleetus Adrian
Mar 2009
Since the first day I came to Jesus way back in 1995, I have had a compelling desire to see people get saved. I am...
Outside The Box by Ralph Kucera
Jan 2009
It’s hard to believe that fifteen years have passed since a small group of friends and I first visited TACF.Back then...