The River is Rising by Patricia Bootsma
There is a river flowing from the throne of God.  
How the River Changed My Life. by David Campbell
Experiencing the reality of His love, which leads to discovering how to live before the Father with child - like fai
I Am the Love He Died for by Heather Jackson
January 1994 came at perfect timing. God is never too late. I didn’t realize that the good, the bad and the ugly...
It's a New Day by John Arnott
May 2009
It is with mixed emotions that I write the last article for our Spread the Fire Magazine, paper edition.For fifteen...
How the River Changed our Church by Mike Guarnieri
Feb 2008
A pastor hungry for more gets transformed in God's presence - which in turn transforms his church!It was October 2000...
New Orleans | Where the River is Restoring a City by Frank Bailey
May 2007
August 28, 2005. New Orleans, Louisiana. It was Sunday morning and my family was all loaded up in two cars. We were...
The New Generation | Positioned to Ride the River by AJ Jones
Feb 2006
It’s an incredible day to be alive isn’t it? We are living in a time of outpouring. These are “River days,” and I...
Giving God a Home by Buck & Anna Eaton
Nov 2005
God's passionate love for His children awakens the dreams and calling over their lives. You should go to Toronto, and...
Caught in a Fire Storm by Georgian Banov
Aug 2005
“Suddenly there was a sound like the roaring of a mighty windstorm in the skies above them and it filled the house...
Planting the River by Ron & Kimberly Cipcic
May 2005
During the summer of 2002, we attended TACF’s Leaders School of Ministry. It was there that God gave us one of those “...
Finding the Glory by Rich DeRuiter
Mar 2005
I was so close to quitting the ministry that I actually had done so in my mind several times in the past couple of...