The Next Great Move Of God by R.T. Kendall
In 1992 our team held the first Word and Spirit Conference at the Wembley Conference Centre in London.
Live, Love, Laugh! by Peter Jackson
John Arnott called me that first infamous weekend in January 1994, urging me to come down to Toronto for
Coming Home to the Cross by Cleetus Adrian
Since the first day I came to Jesus way back in 1995, I have had a compelling desire to see people get sa
Church Online | Using the internet by Russell Smith
Aug 2007
Where do most people spend time with their friends? If you are asking young people, young adults and even many seniors...
Regarding Paul Gowdy's Letters by Naomi Ierullo
Jun 2007
The Gowdy letters and postings on the internet have come to the attention of Toronto Airport ChristianFellowship.We...
The Pathway to Renewal by Colin Dye
May 2007
Way back in 1994, rumors of revival taking place in a small church in Toronto, Canada began to circulate in the UK.I...
The High Calling of Christian Motherhood by Sarah Colligan
May 2007
Embracing the now and discovering what God desires to show us within every opportunity. The ratio of dust bunnies and...
Pursuing the Call of God by Patricia Bootsma
May 2007
Accepting the call of God over Her life leads to an increasing passion within Patricia's heart that is continually...
Mentoring the Next Generation by Cathy Harris
Mar 2007
Imagine if the Christians in this world could know who they are and why they are here. The ripple effect from these...
Taking the Fire Home by Robin Day
Mar 2007
At a conference in Brisbane, Australia in 2001, Cindy Jacobs prophesied over me what would become the outline for the...
Becoming Fruitful by Stuart Allan
Mar 2007
“Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe it! Give me those instructions again! I think we’re pregnant, Sweetie.”“We can’t be, it’s...