Crying Out to God for Toronto by Alicia DesMarteau
Thousands Pray at Massey Hall
Hearing TheCRY at Massey Hall by Alicia DesMarteau
Prayer movement lands at Toronto's historic concert hall with hidden revival heritage.
KidsFest Report by Sam Dumcum
3 days, 25,000 people, 125 volunteers per day, 100,000 square feet of inflatables and a whole lot of fun!
Gospel Fest on Film | An Interview by Alice Clarke
Feb 2012
Gospel Fest on Film is the first ever Christian film festival to be held in Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario....
New Pastoral Staff in Toronto by Steve Long
Mar 2011
Special Announcement from Catch The Fire on Vimeo.Folks, on behalf of John and Carol Arnott, our Founding Pastors, and...
I Am the Love He Died for by Heather Jackson
May 2009
January 1994 came at perfect timing. God is never too late.My husband and I had been pastoring a church an hour north...
Live, Love, Laugh! by Peter Jackson
May 2009
John Arnott called me that first infamous weekend in January 1994, urging me to come down to Toronto for the pastor’s...
Just resting in Him by Cindy Parton
May 2009
August, 1995 is a month in our lives that we will never forget. John and Carol Arnott brought a team from Toronto,...
"I Feel Dizzy, But it Was Fun Though. " by John Scotland
May 2009
Before 1994, I had been pastoring a church for ten years in the city of Liverpool, England. We occupied a respectable...
How Revival Changed Me by Carol Arnott
May 2009
“But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the...
It's a New Day by John Arnott
May 2009
It is with mixed emotions that I write the last article for our Spread the Fire Magazine, paper edition.For fifteen...